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My two college friends and I decided a month ago that we should try to go on a summer trip together this year. We were originally going to go on a trip together every year, but you know, COVID happened. We compared our calendars and there were two weeks out of the whole summer that worked for all three of us. We decided on Iceland and starting planning the quickest trip any of us had ever planned! I usually like to research and plan trips for months, so booking hotels and flights within a couple weeks was a new experience! Lots of hotels were full (and expensive!), but we managed to find 3-person rooms in Reykjavik and Hella (our home-base for our South Coast exploring days). At first none of us wanted to drive, so we chose Hella because there was a bus station within walking distance. But after talking to friends and other people who had been to Iceland we decided to rent a car after all. How hard could it be? They drive on the same side of the road, after all.

Day 1 — Saturday